Motorist in Bradford hit with parking ticket while sat in queuing traffic

Victor Hankins was sat in queuing traffic the moment a mobile traffic enforcement vehicle snapped his vehicle allegedly 'parked' in a bus stop, resulting in a fine winging its way through the post.
Video footage from the mobile traffic enforcement vehicle shows a line of cars waiting at a red light, while Mr Hankins's Ford can be seen stationary in an area marked out for buses.

Mr Hankins blasted the council's actions, claiming they were "an absolute joke" and has since appealed against the fine.

Bradford Council apologised and cancelled the penalty notice, citing that it had been a "mistake".

Mr Hankins revealed that he had done his homework and consulted the Highway Code rules on waiting in a bus stop before he put his case to the council.

He said to the BBC: "I told them that I would be removing the appeal and I'd be seeing them in court and I wanted the camera operative in the court with me.

"At that point they overturned everything, apologised and the attitude couldn't have been more helpful and totally the opposite (from before)."

The Metro reported that Bradford Council released a statement, saying: "All images are checked before a Penalty Charge Notice is issued. In this case a mistake was made.

"When we find out that we have issued a penalty notice in error we cancel it and refund as appropriate."

The statement added: "We continue to monitor and review performance regularly to ensure any errors are minimised."
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