Good Samaritan has car stolen while trying to help crash victim

A Hawaii resident has been left shocked at the lack of 'aloha spirit' one car thief exhibited when he drove off in her Mazda MX-5 while she was trying to help him following a car smash.
Jennifer Jones was driving along the Honolulu Highway following a Superbowl party when she noticed an SUV up ahead driving erratically. It then swerved across the road and smashed head-on into the central reservation.

Jones, 39, pulled-up in front of the stricken SUV, left the keys in her two-seater sports car and went to the aid of a bloodied and clearly injured passenger who was hanging out of the side of the crashed vehicle.

While she was attending to the victim, a man appeared from the vehicle, jumped into her sports car and sped off down the road.

"He burned rubber and screeched right out of there," Jones told KHON2 News.

"I just assumed he was another guy who stopped on the side of the road and saw an opportunity and took it."

"I was barefoot in a black cocktail dress on the side of the road," she recalled.

Police soon arrived on the scene and immediately arrested another man who was sat in the SUV, explaining that all three passengers in the SUV were suspected of stealing smashed vehicle.

Jones managed to track down her vehicle using an application she had recently installed on her smart phone. The app revealed that the MX-5 had been abandoned less than a mile from the original crash site.

Authorities recovered the vehicle but unfortunately, a number of Jones's possessions were missing including her purse, a phone and a large parka jacket she wears for one of her jobs as an ice-skating coach.

"I've been through so much stress, all I can do is laugh at this point," she said.

"This is like a plot Hawaii Five-0 would reject."

Watch the KHON2 News report below

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