British tourist died after 15-drink 10-hour binge on Ayia Napa holiday

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A British tourist died on holiday in Ayia Napa after downing at least 15 drinks on an all-night drinking binge, an inquest heard on Thursday.

George Yuill, 20, from South London, joined his friends in drinking alcopops and vodka mixed with Red Bull until 6am in the Cyrpus party town resort on holiday in August 2012.

His best friend Billy Nickson found him lying face down in their room when he woke up in the morning.

According to the Daily Mail, he had died of asphyxiation after suffocating on his own vomit.

The friends had been partying at a bar that offered a 10 euro all-you-can-drink promotion.

After sitting up back at the hotel until 6am, George was seen finishing leftover drinks.

According to the Express, Mr Nickson told the inquest: "About 15 minutes afterwards, George hit his head after collapsing but I didn't see any injury and he didn't complain. He sat on a chair then said he was going to sleep and laid down on the balcony.

"I was concerned about him and he had said he was going to be sick so I put him on his side and covered him with a blanket. I wanted to go to sleep so me and my friend Jordan carried George inside next to my bed so I could watch him."

He discovered the body when he woke at about 9am and found him lying face down on the pillow.

He added: "I turned him over. George was blue all over. I tried to wake him but couldn't."

Deputy Coroner Briony ­Ballard recorded a verdict of alcohol-related death at the inquest in Southwark.

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