Security guard called as 1p Tesco bargains backfire


Deal-hunters have come across some amazing bargains lurking in Tesco. Items ranging from tins of toffee, lightbulbs, and paper plates to Lindor chocolates, DVDs and stationery sets are marked up at full price, but have been scanning through the till at 1p. Bargain-hunters hit the shops in droves.

But while some reported incredible bargains, others ended up arguing with staff, and in one instance a security guard was called.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%


Earlier this week users of started noticing that items in Tesco were marked up at full price, but were going through the till at 1p. They were initially delighted, and shared their amazing bargains with other users of the site.

On Twitter Chelseyyy said "got some crazy bargains on my night time trip to Tesco this evening, 10 items at just 1p !! woo."

On farringtonoc said: "I went through the self checkout with ten boxes of Lindt caramel and ten chocolate flutes and everything was going pear shaped as I scanned. A lovely young assistant came to my aid. I was adamant I didn't need help, but in the end he had to put them through for me on his till and never flinched or commented at all my 1p purchases!"

They initially assumed it was a glitch, but Tesco confirmed its policy on Facebook, saying: "There are rare occasions when discontinued products go beyond the "reduced to clear" period, and the value will be reduced to a penny on our tills. We look to remove these items from sale although if you find yourself at the checkout with one of these products we'd allow the sale to take place, our view is it is better these items are sold."

It added: "We are not legally obliged to offer the customer products for 1pence, as the Shelf Edge Label would have been marked up with the full price. However, the stores should be encouraged to allow the sale to go through for 1p."


However, this policy didn't seem to be applied consistently across the stores. Member tomcat shared their story on Hotukdeals saying, "I went to Tesco today with my 3 year old son and got some Postman Pat toys for 1p and had them taken away just as I was paying. The woman on the self service kiosk talked to me like dirt, snatched them from me and then called security over. Everyone looked at me like I was a shop lifter." tomcat managed to turn their story around though, and after asking to speak to the manager was given a bottle of free Cava as an apology.

On Twitter Jayne Ball said: "Ridiculed by ‪@Tesco‬ Bought my kids Haribos which went through till at 1p! Snotty supervisor mouthing off in front of people."

On Facebook the company confirmed: "The decision whether these items are sold to customers or not lies with the store themselves, we can articulate to them that they do have the option of selling these items to customers; however ultimately if they do not wish to do so then that is their prerogative."


This policy seemed to frustrate shoppers even more. Bellabonkers explained on, "It's the inconsistency that bothers me. I was surprised when it scanned at 1p anyway so had been prepared to pay 75p."

Member Deb8z agreed saying: "If the staff don't take everything off the shelves and a few customers find stock, then they should be able to purchase them .... Not have the stuff taken off them and made to feel like they've done something wrong in trying to purchase something at the price Tesco have set it at."
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