Police hunt driver filmed 'asleep' at the wheel and motorist snapped scoffing meal

Two separate incidents of dangerous and reckless driving have been captured on film and posted to the Internet for all to see, resulting in a nationwide appeal to name and shame the culprits.
One clip, posted to Facebook, shows a van driver appearing to be fast asleep while his passenger simultaneously films the incident and steers with the other hand.

The van can be seen speeding past traffic as the passenger sings along to the radio and steers with his free hand. Both faces in the clip are clearly visible and police are calling for friends and relatives of the pair to come forward.

In a separate post to the popular social networking site, another motorist can be seen eating a burger and supping a drink while apparently driving with his knees.

The background of the image is blurred, suggesting that the driver was travelling at speed while both of his hands were off the wheel and otherwise engaged in shoving take away food into his face.

Neil Greig, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, spoke to the Daily Mail about the video of the 'sleeping' driver, saying: "This is of course illegal and is simply asking for trouble - both on the road and from the police who will also see this video.

"The selfishness of these people astounds me - how could they live with themselves if they killed an innocent passerby, just for the sake of trending on social media for a few hours?"

The footage – that was accompanied with the caption 'I don't drive but I'm pretty certain this isn't legal or safe' – was posted by a user from Carluke, South Lanarkshire, but it is unclear when or where it was taken.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: "This type of behaviour not only puts these individuals at risk but also other road users.

"Whether it is a prank or not what they are doing is extremely dangerous.

"I would appeal for anyone who can identify them to contact police."

The driver eating with both hands free from the wheel has been identified by The Daily Record as Martin Irvine, from Glasgow, who posted the image to his own Facebook account.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: "The photograph has been passed on to the relevant department for further inquiry".
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