Out-of-control car smashes into pensioner's living room

A man escaped with his life after a car smashed through his living room window while  he was watching football.
David Hailwood was watching the Liverpool v Everton Derby last week when he heard a car speeding across his garden.
Jumping out of his seat he heard a vehicle coming across the corner of his neighbourís garden.
David, 66, said he leapt out of his seat next to the window and threw his friend out of harmís way - a split-second before the car crashed through shunting the sofa across the room.

David Hailwood, 66, from Llanbrynmair, Wales, was happily watching the tense Liverpool vs. Everton derby in his front room with a friend when out of nowhere, a black Vauxhall Corsa came crashing through the wall of his home.> The lucky pair managed to leap from their seats just split seconds before the out-of-control hatchback came flying through the wall, the impact shunting the sofa across the living room.

Mr Hailwood and his friend Linda McConnell rushed outside to tend to the stricken driver, bringing him indoors and calling an ambulance.

"I live in the middle cottage and about 9.30pm and I was watching Liverpool play Everton in the front room. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a noise and jumped up to take a look," he told The Daily Post.

"It turns out it was this car coming off the road and going through my neighbours garden. I was at the door and saw the lights approach and next thing it was coming through the window," he added.

Structural engineers were sent in to assess the damage and Mr Hailwood was forced to stay with friends while essential repairs to the stone cottage were carried out.

"Everybody has been around - fire crews, police and ambulance. We're talking quite a long time for the house to be back the way it was," he told the Daily Mail.

"We've had the builder out to get props to make it stable, and they will box the front of the house off. The landlord has been getting quotes for the repairs."

Luckily the residents escaped injury and the driver was released from hospital after a three day stay.
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