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Rapper Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion as he would prefer to be known) has made some unusual career choices in his time, but the latest is amongst the oddest: he is staring in an advert for a price comparison site.

He's not the first unusual choice for a financial brand.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
The advert for MoneySuperMarket features a nerd cruising around Los Angeles in an invisible car - driving through crowds and performing stunts - before snapping back to reality - and walking past Snoop posing with some girls by his limo. Snoop then says 'Save money, feel epic.'

Watch the video:

Varied career

It's an unusual career choice for the rapper, but some of his decisions have hardly been conventional. Even his choice of name has been unusual. Born Calvin Broadus he was first known as Snoop Doggy Dog, then Snoop Dogg, and now Snoop Lion.

His choice of musical style has sometimes been unpredictable too - including performing a rap for Bollywood movie Singh Is Kinng and releasing a compilation of electronic music entitled Loose Joints under the name DJ Snoopadelic.

Alongside his rapping and acting he has also directed adult films and qualified as a football coach.

Five unusual celebrity choices

And while he's an interesting choice to appear in a financial advert - he's not the first surprise.

1. One of the most notorious was Iggy Pop for the Swiftcover adverts. This originally hit the headlines because the adverts feature Iggy Pop saying he has cover from the company when it emerged that because of his job he wouldn't qualify for it. The policies were quickly changed.

2. Recently Stephen Hawking was unexpectedly signed up for a Go Compare advert - using a black hole to silence the irritating opera singer, Gio Caompario. He was also the face of Egg bank when it was launched.

3. Samuel L Jackson was brought in at an enormous cost to Barclays to wander down a country lane talking rubbish at a reported cost of £15 million.

4. Anthony Hopkins appeared in the Barclays Bank 'big' adverts - shoving the word 'big' in wherever possible. The advert lasted an incredible 90 seconds and was shot by the man who directed Top Gun. It was widely considered to be a terrible mistake, as it coincided with a wave of branch closures and cost-cutting.

5. However, the most unfortunate endorsement was perhaps by the late and much-loved DJ John Peel, who once appeared in an advert for the Equitable Life - back before the house of cards collapsed.
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