Video: Giraffe casually walks through safari park restaurant

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A giraffe caused a lot of laughs as it casually strolled through a safari park cafeteria while guests were having their lunch.

Perdy the female giraffe nonchalantly strolled on through to everyone's surprise, with one woman saying: "How can you explain this to someone?"

The incident occurred at the Lion Park near Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Lion Park, which is Johannesburg's top tourist attraction and has been listed in Newsweek's top 100 destinations in the world, is an eco-tourism destination that focuses on the wellbeing and regeneration of various species, in particular the endangered wild dog, the rare white lion, the cheetah and, of course, giraffes.

The park says on its website: "We are neither a game reserve or a zoo, but rather a breeding ground and sanctuary for important species.

"Secondary to our mission is the ability to provide an opportunity for people, both local and overseas tourists, to learn more about these wonderful African animals."

More funny animal behaviour below:

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