Video: Epic Russian parking save

Epic parking save

Normally the words "loss of control" and "Russian dash-cam" would conjure up images of the worst pile-up imaginable, with car after car skidding into each other on a snowbound road, with some high-pitched screaming thrown in for good measure.
If you're familiar with the automotive recordings of our former-Soviet cousins then you'll know that such an image is not that far-fetched. If you think driving standards in the UK are bad, spend half an hour on YouTube watching the numerous dash-cam compilations, and you'll never complain about middle-lane hoggers again.

However, with so many cameras recording on the streets of Russia, occasionally one captures a spectacular near miss. And so it happened for this lucky motorist, who witnessed the moment one driver turned potential disaster into the ultimate car parking manoeuvre.

Overtaking slower moving traffic, the silver Corsa is confronted by a car indicating into its path. Instinctively the driver veers right, before over-correcting and sending the car into a slide, crossing four lanes of fast-moving traffic.

It looks like curtains for the sliding motorist, who has no doubt clenched a crease into his or her seat. But rather than a serious smash, the car ends up doing a complete 180-degree spin, and stops parallel with the kerb in a perfect parking position.

Click play below to watch the lucky motorist in action, but we'd recommend you don't try it at home for yourself.

With thanks to Car Throttle

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