"He's a plonker": Mo Farah criticised over 'tombstoning' video

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A disabled boy's mother has called Olympics star Mo Farah a "plonker" after he posted a video on his Facebook page of himself leaping from a cliff into the sea in Necker Island.

Carole Biddlecombe's son Nick was paralysed while tombstoning in 2000.

The 57-year-old told The Sun: "If he wanted to do it on his own time then I can't stop him, but he shouldn't have made it public.

"He has a following of impressionable young people who are going to want to copy him. He's a plonker."

Father-of-three Farah captioned the video: "I miss Necker Island".

The Daily Mail reports that it's not the first risky stunt he has performed. He once admitted to jumping naked from Teddington Bridge into the River Thames as a dare.

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