Mercedes C63 AMG Black sets off car park fire alarms with smoky burnout

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series has long been regarded as a bit of a hooligan. In fact, Jeremy Clarkson lists the two-door CLK63 variant as one of his favourite cars and famously drove from his home in London to the depths of Wales in an episode of Top Gear, just because he felt like it.
The £100,000 performance saloon boasts the infamous 6.2-litre V8 engine that has been fettled to produce 517bhp and 618Nm torque, so there is no question that it is a little bit of a handful in confined spaces.

But that didn't stop one owner from careering around an underground car park in his or her jet black model while onlookers filmed the ordeal.

We are not exactly sure where the hooning took place but the chaps from Supercars of London were on hand to film it all, so we're guessing... London.

The footage shows the cars squealing around the tightly packed car park – that also boasts Lamborghinis, Jaguars and other exotics – before pulling up to the exit barrier for one final flourish.

Accelerator depressed, brakes dabbed and tyres screaming, the driver pulls a burnout to beat all burnouts before swiftly exiting the underground facility.

The only problem is, the C63 has a penchant for murdering tyres at a rate of knots and the subsequent tyre smoke is enough to set off the fire alarms.

Watch the video below

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