How would you claim house insurance on this? Homeowner finds kitchen destroyed by a puma

Puma in the kitchen

A woman in Chile went downstairs for breakfast - to find her kitchen had been destroyed - by a puma. She retreated to a safe distance and took some amazing photographs as the puma tore apart fixtures and fittings. There was no news on how the Puma got in - although the broken window and shards of glass may offer a clue.

It would take some explaining to the insurance company, but would this be the weirdest animal-related claim?%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%> According to the BBC, the photographs were sent to the country's Agriculture and Livestock service by the Santiago woman. The Daily Mail reported that pumas are common in Chile - although not in kitchens. It said that they will attack humans, and there were 20 deaths as a result of puma attacks in 2008.

Puma wrecks house

Odd animal claims

Any insurer would be forgiven for being a bit surprised at a puma-related claim, but it wouldn't be the first odd animal-related claim to be made. Here are ten of our favourites:

1. came across one claim from the owner of a Labrador who brushed his tail into a painting tray and redecorated the entire property.

2. Every year in the US, a pet insurance company holds a competition to find the weirdest claim. The winner last year was a dog that consumed an entire bag of frozen onion rings - giving it onion poisoning.

3. She was followed by a cat which completed an entire cycle inside a washing machine and lived to tell the tale.

4. Then there was the dog which ate uncooked bread dough and got yeast-related alcohol poisoning.

5. And the same competition recognised a dog which was in the car front seat when an emergency stop cause it to fly forward and smash the windscreen.

6. Morethan, meanwhile, released its list of most unusual dog-related claims. These included the dog who needed surgery after eating Christmas decorations.

7. And Schofield Holiday Home Insurance published a list of unusual holiday home insurance claims - including one in which a cow strayed into the garden, walked on to the swimming pool cover and then fell into the water - requiring pool repairs and cow-winching equipment hire.

8. Admiral released a list of weird animal-related car claims. These included a peacock which attacked a car after seeing its own reflection.

9. There was also the dog owner who thought he was picking up a puppy, but had in fact pulled up the handbrake.

10. There was even a case where a driver struck a telephone pole in an attempt to swat a fly that was trapped inside the car.
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