F1 driver Eddie Irvine 'cheats death' after shark attack in the Caribbean


Formula One racing legend Eddie Irvine has reportedly cheated death after a shark attacked him in the Caribbean.

The former driver, who raced for Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar between 1993 and 2002, was diving near his home in the Bahamas when he was attacked by the man-eating shark.

Eddie, who is originally from Co Down in Northern Ireland but now lives in the Caribbean, told how he fought off the animal with a spear.

He said he hit the shark but it continued to chase him as he swam away, reports the Mirror.

According to The Sun, he said: "I turned to face it - not easy to do - and hit it with my spear. It turned away but came back as I reversed out of his territory."

He added: "It was dusk - so I guess I deserved it a bit."

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Irvine, known as Fast Eddie, bought an island in the Bahamas' Exuma Cays for £1 million back in 2010.

He reportedly spotted the island while flying over the Bahamas from his Miami base.

He was keen to create an eco retreat. He told the paper: "The Exumas are getting destroyed by Americans who are coming in and building Palm Beach-style houses on the most gorgeous islands in the world.

"My thinking is, 'Why go to the Bahamas to build Palm Beach? Why not just stay in Palm Beach? They are totally not in keeping with the surroundings."

Stars on neighbouring islands include Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, and Eddie Murphy.

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