Video: Huge boulder crashes through 300-year-old barn in Italy after rockfall

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A huge rockfall has left millions of pounds worth of damage in its wake after crashing through a 300-year-old barn in Italy.

According to the Metro, around 4,000 cubic metres of rock broke away from a cliff face and crashed down through a barn and its surrounding vineyards in Tramin, northern Italy, on 21 January.

Amazing drone footage shows the aftermath of the trail of destruction, and a boulder is shown to have stopped next to another giant boulder from a previous rockslide.

A huge boulder is also shown to have stopped right next to the main house, which is owned by the Servite Order of the Catholic Church.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the manager of the estate, Baron Philipp von Hohenbühel, said the rockfall had caused millions of euros of damage.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident, but local residents have been evacuated as geologists fear there could be more rockfalls.

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