Garage owner taken on half-mile terror ride

Petrol station owner on bonnet

A fuel thief drove for half a mile away from a petrol station, with the garage's owner clinging to the bonnet, a court has heard.
19-year-old Joshua Charnley – who had covered his number plates with black tape – drove into Lekshmanan Asokkumar as he tried to block his car to prevent him from escaping the Texaco forecourt in West Kingsdown, Kent.

Charnley then repeatedly swerved and punched Mr Asokkumar's hands in an attempt to remove him from the bonnet, before the 59-year-old fell off the car as it rounded a tight corner.

The 59-year-old suffered a fractured skull and liver damage in the incident, and the court heard that some of his injuries are likely to be permanent.

Charnley had admitted causing serious injury by driving dangerously, but denied the more serious charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

However, a jury at Canterbury Crown Court found him guilty of the offence, which occurred last July.

Martin Jarvis, prosecuting, said: "Mr Asokummar stood in front of the car and put his hands up," reported the Daily Mail.

"Charnley revved the engine and lurched the car forward on more than one occasion in an attempt to intimidate Mr Asokkumar.

"Charnley then drove off quickly, revving hard and spinning the wheels directly at Mr Asokkumar.

"He then drove his car into Mr Asokkumar, scooping him up onto the bonnet and travelling nearly half a mile with the retail manager clinging on.

"The car hit him, lifting onto the bonnet and Charnley then continued down the road at 30mph with Mr Asokkumar clinging to the car."

Charnley was remanded in custody to await sentencing, which will occur later this week.
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