Bespoke Ferrari image leaked

Ferrari SP FFX

This is the Ferrari SP FFX, a one-off creation by the Italian marque's Special Projects division.
Based on the four-wheel-drive flagship FF model, the bespoke car features sleek, coupe rear-end styling in place of the standard models 'shooting brake' hatchback.

Further bespoke alterations include a new grille finished in white, which matches the white wheels, sills and A-pillar detailing.

This sole image was leaked online after the car appeared at a special unveiling event in Japan.

And unless the car's owner consents, further pictures or details of the car will not be made available.

The standard FF is powered by a 651bhp 6.3-litre V12 engine, mated to a unique four-wheel-drive drivetrain.

In normal conditions, power is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. In certain conditions, up to 20 per cent of the power can be sent to the front wheels, through a tiny gearbox mounted to the front of the engine.

Though referred to as SP FFX, the car has not been officially named as such. The nomenclature was taken from previous trademark drawings of the car, which were originally thought to show the next generation Ferrari California convertible, the brand's entry-level convertible.

Ferrari's Special Projects division has developed a lucrative business in creating individualised models for the company's preferred customers.

One of its most recent creations include the SP12 EC, an homage to the Ferrari 512 BB, which was based on the current 458 Italia, for musician Eric Clapton.
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