New Peugeot concept car to be unveiled at Beijing

Peugeot concept teaser

This is the first teaser image of a forthcoming concept car, to be showcased by Peugeot at the Beijing motor show in April.> While the teaser image gives little away about the design of the car, its sleek coupe silhouette is evident, and the French marque states that the unnamed car will show off its future styling direction.

This is promising news for fans of the brand, particularly as Peugeot has also said that the new model will follow the same design direction as the radical Onyx concept car, unveiled at the Paris motor show in 2012.

What has been confirmed is the car's dimensions. At 4.7m long and 1.3m high, it is slightly shorter than Peugeot's current 508 family saloon, but also slightly lower than the sporty RCZ coupe.

Peugeot Onyx

Following the current trend towards practical coupes, the new concept will have four doors and "offers athletic and refined styling for four passengers and their luggage," according to Peugeot.

What can be deciphered from the picture is that the concept car will wear the same slender headlight arrangement first seen on the Onyx, and which has made it onto the latest versions of the 308 and 2008 production models.

The rear light clusters feature three LED segments, arranged to look like claws – a reference to the brand's lion insignia.

Further details of the concept's design will be revealed at the Paris International Automobile Festival at the end of the month, where it will be joined by the Onyx and the racy 308 R hot hatchback concept cars, as well as the company's record breaking T16 Pikes Peak car, which you can watch in action at the hands of WRC champion Sebastien Loeb below.

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