Burglar claims he's the victim after business owner cleared of GBH

Kevin Green

A burglar, who was caught stealing diesel from a tyre yard, has complained that he is the real victim of crime. Kevin Green was attacked by the owner of the business during the break-in, who beat him with a fencepost and broke both his legs and one of his arms.

When the business owner was cleared of GBH, Green, a 53-year-old benefits claimant living in Chepstow, argued that he had been let down by the courts.
We reported last week that Andrew Woodhouse, a 44-year-old who runs a machinery and tyre depot in Govilon, Monmouthshire, was cleared of all charged by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.

He had surprised two burglars at his tyre yard in the dead of night, grabbed the fence post that Green was carrying, and attacked him with it, breaking three bones. He then rugby-tackled the man's accomplice and lay on him unto the police arrived.

Green told the Sun that he had a pin inserted in his left leg, and struggled to leave the house because of his injuries. According to the Mirror he also said he suffered nightmares after the incident.

His injuries were serious, but burglary is arguably a fairly risky profession.

Injured burglars

Among the more bizarre injuries sustained by burglars are the thief in Salt Lake City in November last year, who broke a window, then slashed his arm climbing through it. The homeowners woke up and the burglar begged them to call an ambulance.

Last December, a man from Florida was stopped by police, because he was driving the car he had stolen during a burglary. When they were checking him into jail, an x-ray machine detected a dark mass near his stomach. Further investigations revealed it was two necklaces he had taken during the robbery, which he had swallowed in an effort to hide them. He needed surgery to remove the jewellery.

In September, a San Francisco burglar was arrested for trying to break into a cash machine. As he tried to run away from police officers he climbed onto the roof of a building, and fell straight into the apartment below.

And finally, in 2008 there was the man who tied to steal knives from a western Michigan shop, by hiding them down his trousers. He was confronted by staff members, fell over, and stabbed himself on the knives he was trying to steal.

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Burglar claims he's the victim after business owner cleared of GBH

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