Brazilian crash leaves 14 dead after digger fell off trailer and into oncoming coach

A horror smash in Brazil has left 14 dead and a further 21 injured after a 48-tonne piece of heavy plant machinery fell from a HGV transporter and hit a coach loaded with passengers.
The incident occurred yesterday in Salvador, Brazil, and saw an enormous HGV round a bend on the BR-110 motorway, just outside the city of Inhambupe, Bahia, causing its load to topple onto the road ahead.

A bus travelling in the opposite direction then collided with the wayward load, killing the driver instantly.

According to The Daily Mail, Valdir Cordeiro, from the transport police said: "The tractor was being pulled on a carrier on the back of a lorry.

"As the driver rounded the bend the tractor fell off right into the path of a bus coming the other way.

"There was no time for the bus driver to brake or swerve as the tractor immediately collided with it."

Reports state that the coach was transporting 34 passengers at the time of the accident and passengers on the driver's side of the vehicle – the side that bore the brunt of the impact - were among the most seriously injured.

The coach was deep into a three-day journey from Sao Paulo to Paulo Afonso in Bahia, and witnesses said that a number of passengers had got off the coach just minutes before the accident.

One survivor said: "We had stopped not long before the accident happened and quite a number of people got off the bus.

"More people would have been killed if they hadn't left then. They got away with their lives."

Sky News reported that the 43 year-old HGV driver had the correct driving licence but witnesses accused him of not securing the load properly.

One unnamed angry local said at the scene: "There is nothing here to show that the tractor was secured. It looks like it was just put on top of the carrier and transported without anything holding it from coming off."

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