Video: Miracle survival after girl jumps on moving freight train

A "stupid" woman had a miraculous survival after jumping onto a moving freight train as it passed through a station in Australia.

The incident occurred on Wednesday 28th December, 2011, just after 11pm at Springwood Station in the Blue Mountains, as two friends were waiting for the last train home.

Footage of the incident has only just emerged online, however.

As the train passes through the station, the girl makes the inexplicable decision to attempt to jump on it, reports

But she falls between carriages and ends up on the track. The girl needed stitches in her head and back but was released from hospital the day after the incident.

Speaking to Yahoo7, train driver of 40 years Dave Mathie said: "I am absolutely stunned that a) anyone would consider doing that and then having done it survive it, that just takes my breath away.

"[Chances of] survival would be a million to one."

Officers told the site they were stunned by her stupidity, but decided not to charge her, saying she had already learned the hard way that it wasn't a good idea to say the least.

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