Two postmen killed in 'airborne' 70mph crash

Nissan 350Z

Two Derbyshire postmen died after their sports car became "airborne" on a bumpy road before crashing into trees and hedges, Hannah Brewer reports.
Stephen O'Brien, 51, and Charlie Cooper, 49, both postmen for the Swadlincote area, died after the vehicle ended up on its roof after falling down onto a railway line below the road, an inquest at Loughborough Coroner's Court heard.

The incident occurred at 6pm on July 24th last year on Willesley Woodside, near Ashby.

Witness Stuart Wood told the inquest: "200 yards in front of me, the car appeared to get airborne, and when it came back down, the front was pointing towards the hedge on the left," reported the Leicester Mercury.

"At that point it swerved right and went off the road on the other side.

"The road has ripples in it – it's a bit undulating – but it's a straight road."

Mr Wood phoned emergency services immediately, but had lost sight of the Nissan 350Z which was now on the railway below.

The inquest heard that the vehicle must have been travelling at almost 70mph, on a road with a 60mph limit. Both men had been wearing seatbelts.

Collision investigator Rachel Marston examined the scene shortly after the crash, and told the court: "My conclusion is that it was a consequence of the speed of the vehicle, the change in direction following the overtaking and the undulating road surface."

Coroner Carolyn Hull recorded the verdict that both men had "died as a result of a road traffic collision."

She told both of the men's families: "I hope we've been able to give you some answers to the questions you came to court with today and offer my condolences to all their loved ones."
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