Former drink-drive campaigner caught at nearly five times the legal limit

Eileen McArthur, a former senior planning officer for an anti-alcohol social service, has been caught drunk behind the wheel of her vehicle twice in the space of three weeks.
McArthur, 47 - who previously spearheaded anti-drink abuse messages for Angus Council's Focus on Alcohol Angus scheme - was caught with 171mcg in 100ml of breath on one occasion, the legal limit is 35mcg.

She pleaded guilty to drinking and driving on roads near her home in Forfar, Scotland and to a separate incident where she attempted to drive while unfit through drink or drugs.

Angus Council confirmed that McArthur was no longer associated with nor employed by the authority and instead runs her own event management company.

Sheriff Kevin Veal deferred sentence until next month but has banned her from driving until the court date. The weight of the allegations against McArthur could result in a prison sentence.

Carole Whittingham of the Campaign Against Drink Driving, told the Daily Express: "I have heard of five-and-a-half times the limit but I've certainly never heard of that level for a female driver.

"She must have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol to register that.

"It wasn't just one for the road. She could have killed somebody so easily, and once you have done that your life and so many other lives are changed forever.

"Given her previous interest in helping other people with alcohol problems, I assume that when she does go for sentence the court will take into account that she does herself need help."
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