Ferrari worth £240k gets stuck on beach in Cornwall

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Tourists and locals were shocked to see a bright green £240,000 Ferrari sports car stuck on the beach at Watergate Bay near Newquay, Cornwall, on Thursday.

The 458 Spider, which has a top speed of 200mph, got stuck while being used during a shoot for Official Ferrari Magazine, reports the Daily Mail.

The car had been on loan from the Carrs Ferrari dealership in Exeter, who explained: "Unfortunately, when the Ferrari 458 Spider was off-loaded from the trailer, the rear wheels bedded down into the ruts created by the tractor, giving the impression that the car had beached itself."

The company added that the car had not been driven onto the beach and had later been removed by the tractor without damage.

According to the Falmouth Packet, surf company Ann's Cottage posted a pic of the incident on their blog, and wrote: "A Ferrari stuck in sand at Watergate Bay yesterday whilst recording a TV ad! yikes."

The blog added: "The Ferrari 458 Spider can reach 60mph in just three seconds, however once loaded onto the beach it was going nowhere fast.

"A member of our web team watched in horror as the £240,000 super-car was unloaded from a trailer, only for it to immediately get bogged down in the wet sand and slowly begin to sink.

"After a short spell of panic and a look of fear on certain people's faces, a Land Rover came to the rescue and pulled it to safety.

"We're pretty sure it's not what the guys had planned for the photo-shoot but it certainly gave the bystanders a good show."

Watergate Bay is owned by the Watergate Bay Hotel, who had given permission for the shoot to be carried out there.

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