Is your 'eating personality' your diet downfall?

Caroline Cassidy
'Eating personality' could be your diet downfall
'Eating personality' could be your diet downfall

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When you're on a diet, it seems as though temptation is around every corner. But according to new research, if you're struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts, it could be down to your 'eating personality'.

In a survey by money-saving website, researchers discovered the seven deadly sins of dieting according to which 'personality' you have. And for a majority of 69 per cent, it was all about grabbing food on the go.

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The 'rushers' formed the biggest proportion of unsuccessful dieters, making bad food choices because of a hectic lifestyle that meant resorting to ready meals or takeaways instead of a healthy home-cooked meal.

Of the 500 women quizzed about their eating habits when trying to lose weight, seven per cent labelled themselves as 'picker's, with snacking being their biggest downfall, while six per cent said they were 'bingers', cutting back on all things unhealthy during the week, followed by a short burst of food overload.

Meanwhile five per cent believed their problem was comfort eating, and four per cent said using food as a reward was their most common mistake. The remaining four per cent, the 'socialisers', confessed undoing all their hard work with a night out drinking.
None of the respondents saw themselves as 'settlers', those who put on weight by eating the same amount as their partners.

A spokeswoman for told the Daily Mail: "It's too easy to grab food on the go now and although our intentions may be good, we don't always pick the healthiest option."

She added: "Key is to plan ahead. So think about what you're going to have for your three main meals - and yes, I mean three, don't skip breakfast, and then plan the healthy snacks you can have in between."

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