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Milestone Hotel voted top hotel in UK by Tripadvisor reviewers
Milestone Hotel voted top hotel in UK by Tripadvisor reviewers

Hotels in the UK can be a hit and miss affair (will we ever shake off that Fawlty Towers image?), so finding a good one can bring a happy mix of pleasure and relief.

Good service, clean bedrooms, welcoming staff, decent food and a jolly nice atmosphere are just some of the things we now expect from a hotel, and, while hoteliers up and down the land are trying to provide all these things, there's still some way to go: after all, it was only last month that the owner of 'Britain's worst hotel' was imprisoned for extraordinary shoddiness.

At AOL Travel, we're on a quest to find the hotels in this country that you really love, whether it's a little seaside bed and breakfast or a huge five-star hotel.To kick it off, we've taken a look at the UK hotels which came top of Tripadvisor's new list of the best hotels in Britain, as nominated in its Travellers Choice Awards 2014.

The winners in this list were chosen from the reviews and opinions of millions of TripAdvisor travellers around the globe.

London's Milestone Hotel secured the coveted top spot, surpassing the second place ranking it achieved in 2013.

Have a look at the list below and tell us if you've stayed at any of these. Do these hotel deserve to be in the top ten? And Is your favourite missing from the list? Tell us your opinions below.

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