Lipo for men soars after January fitness fails

Sales of men's liposuction soar
Sales of men's liposuction soar

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The number of men booking in for liposuction has soared this month, as those desperate for that buff body opt for a quick fix instead of hard work at the gym.

According to a top Harley Street clinic, demand for men's lipo has risen by 150 per cent compared to January last year, and a six pack is top of their body sculpting wishlist.

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Dr Edwin Anthony, from The Private Clinic, told the Daily Mail: "We have witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of men booking in for lipo treatments. I now treat almost as many men as I do women.

"Men are also increasingly putting more emphasis on their desire to achieve muscle definition as opposed to just fat loss. These men are healthy and are in good shape, but they struggle to achieve the definition that they would like."

Skinny models and toned-to-perfection celebs in the media have long been thought to influence women's body image ideas, and the rise in sales of men's cosmetic surgery would suggest that all those six packs and muscles adorning fitness magazines and advertising are also putting pressure on the chaps.
And it's not just surgeons that are reaping the benefits. The Mail reports that has seen its web traffic rise by 155 per cent in January, compared to November and December.

Nancy Scott, from the site, said: "January is always a busy time for us, when people turn their attention to getting in shape and perhaps losing a bit of weight.

"However, we have seen a marked increase this year in the number of people enquiring about the best ways to achieve a toned torso or six pack."

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