Lack of electric car charging points sparks "charge rage" in Silicon Valley

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Technology is a part of everyday life for the residents and employees of Silicon Valley, and it comes as no surprise that 'The Valley' boasts one of the highest concentration of electric vehicles in the world.
Early adopters of new technology are generally praised for aiding progress but it comes at a price, as employees at Silicon Valley companies have reportedly been experiencing "charge rage" due to a lack of electric vehicle charging points in the region.

Some employees have said they have returned to their electric vehicles to find they have been unplugged, while others have received angry emails demanding fully charged vehicles to be moved.

Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer for Palo Alto-based German software company SAP, told The that the company's 16 charging stations are not nearly enough for the 61 employees who drive electric vehicles.

"Employees are calling and messaging each other, saying, 'I see you're fully charged, can you please move your car?'" he revealed.

The demand for charging points in California is a very different story to that in the UK, where the government has come under fire for 'wasting money' on electric car infrastructure that largely goes unused.

Kingston Council reported that it cost £17,000 to install electric car charging points around the town centre but they were only used 59 times between 2012 and 2013.

Three charging stations in the busy Blagdon Road car park were used only twice each between March 2012 and April 2013.

But electric vehicle advocates insist that the UK needs the infrastructure in order for customers to feel confident in the product.

And that's exactly how they are feeling in California, where the Pacific Gas & Electric Company expects 800,000 electric vehicles to be on state roads by 2020 – an increase of 780,000 cars.
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