Video: Furious employee crushes boss's car

An enraged construction worker has warned his boss that you should always keep your employees happy, by crushing his pride and joy with a giant digger, Hannah Brewer reports.
The owner of the luxury vehicle is seen in the video below being interrupted mid-interview when a massive digger callously collides with his car.

The digger driver then pushes the white Merc about 10 metres, damaging the front of the vehicle. Whilst an onlooker can be heard saying "that's crazy", the colossal scoop is then used to completely cave the roof in, writing the car off completely .

As the site foreman and now former Mercedes CLK owner looks on, there is nothing he can do but stand in shock, and as if he had not been punished enough, the digger continues to effortlessly flatten the car by reversing straight over it.

There is little news surrounding the reasons why the frustrated worker decided to take it out on his boss but we can only speculate that it had something to do with pay, working hours or the quality of toilet paper in the site loos.

Click play on the video below and make up your own mind as to the reasons behind it. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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