Audi driver dices with motorbikes at 170mph

Audi v Bikes

Racing on the public road: It's not big and it's not clever. Unfortunately, the message hasn't quite made it over the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil, the source of this astonishing footage.
Clearly not familiar with the term 'video evidence', this Audi R8 V10 driver straps a forward-facing camera to the interior of his car, so he can record his reckless run down a busy motorway, goading a steady stream of bikers into racing, for posterity and online bragging rights.

Watch as the cavalier driver weaves in and out of traffic at speeds of up to 170mph, before tailgating sports bike riders in an attempt to get them to give chase.

The ploy seems to work, which doesn't please his terrified passenger, who laughs nervously when subjected to high-speed lane changes and pleads with her over-excited driver to back away from the bikes in case the riders fall off.

Thankfully a toll-booth ends play before a serious accident occurs, with the Audi driver and bikers parting with a friendly thumbs-up. We doubt they'd have been so jovial if they'd collided.

Click play below to watch the in-car footage. Be warned, some of the passenger's swearing has made it into the subtitles.

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