Bomb threat forces plane's emergency landing in Brazil

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A bomb threat forced a passenger plane to make an emergency landing in the Amazon city of Manaus in Brazil.

The TAM Airlines plane took off from Brasilia on Saturday morning and was en route to the city of Boa Vista.

According to ABC News, a note left in a bathroom in Brasilia's airport claimed that a bomb was on board the jet that had already taken off.

Officials then re-routed the plane to Manaus, where it made an emergency landing.

A search of the plane dod not turn up any explosives, and no arrests have been made.

The incident caused delays for many travellers at the Eduardo Gomes airport in Manaus.

American traveller Bill Jackson said his flight from Manaus to Brasilia was delayed. He told Sky News: "We were supposed to have already been boarded and left. However, we find out that there's been a bomb threat. And the authorities are searching for whatever evidence they can find. Fortunately, there's been no bomb go off. And we hope none does."

According to Fox News, the jet remains on the tarmac at Manaus while the investigation continues.

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