Long term report: Peugeot 208

Goodbyes are never easy, as the saying goes – and that was particularly true as we waved off our 208.
We'd become quite used to having KR62VPO around, you see.

Delivered way back in January of last year, the 208 had seen us move offices, hold a number of well-attended events, and take on half a dozen new staff, too.

It covered well over 13,000 miles in our hands and, to be honest, we did wonder whether Peugeot had forgotten to pick it up. Still, we weren't complaining, and the 208 quickly became a staple of the fleet.

Its revvy (if a little coarse) 1.2-litre turbocharged engine was perfectly suited to pulling the relatively light body around – even managing admirably on motorways.

We liked the tiny steering wheel too, which really did give the 208 a light and nimble feel around town.

Not everything was positive, though. Two British winters aptly demonstrated just how rubbish the 208's heater is, for example, and the dials-above-the-wheel seating position certainly divided opinion.

As a child of the Halfords generation, my personal gripe was with the in-built tech. The multimedia screen in the centre of the car was a little baffling to use, and even froze on me a couple of times.

The iPod integration threw a fit or two as well, much to my annoyance.

Speaking of foibles, I'm forced to mention that – shock horror – the rear windscreen wiper motor had to be replaced under warranty for us, too.

Still, if the past year with the 208 has demonstrated anything, it's that Peugeot's supermini offerings really are back on form.

Would we have changed anything? Sure – we'll have a GTI next time, thanks.

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