The top ten most shocking dash-cam videos (part 2)

We continue our countdown of the most shocking dash-cam videos to come out of Russia.

Today's collection from Megan Manneh contains a drunk man attempting to pull off the worst insurance scam ever, a woman falling out of the back of a van and a man in his boxer shorts being chased by police.

6- Is it a bird? Is it a Plane?

By now, everyone should have heard about the meteorite that hit Russia last February but did you see the first hand videos? Here, the meteorite blazes through the sky and breaks into our atmosphere. All captured on a dash-cam.

7- Worst insurance scam attempt?

It's common knowledge that places like Russia have a real issue with insurance scams, but surely it isn't this simple, right? This next clip isn't exactly funny but more plain stupid, as a man stops a car only to lie on the bonnet and play victim.

8- Leap for freedom

This next clip proves crime doesn't pay as a man is seen half naked running over the top of a car, and away from police. However he doesn't get far before the law (and the car's owners) catch up with him.

9- Playing Dead

An insurance scam at its finest, and an apt demonstration of exactly why dashboard cameras have become so popular. As a car approaches a drunk man walking down the middle of the street, he dramatically falls to the floor faking injury.

10. Quick exit

The importance of wearing a seatbelt in a car is known by most, but in our next clip one woman obviously missed the memo. The lady got the shock of her life when the doors of the minivan opens and she falls out the back and into the road. The dazed passenger crawls to safety uninjured.

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