Severe turbulence injures five on United Airlines flight to Beijing

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Five flight attendants were reportedly hurt after a United Airlines flight from Newark to Beijing experienced severe turbulence that forced the plane to return to the airport.

United Airlines Flight 89 was only 45 minutes into its journey to Beijing when it was forced to return to Newark.

Passenger Bryan Munoz told NBC New York that it was the worst turbulence he'd ever experienced, and said he saw one air hostess holding her arm and wrist in pain, and another limping after it hit for 30 seconds.

According to the NY Daily News, a United Airlines statement read: "The aircraft landed safely in Newark with 189 passengers and 16 crew members on board.

"Five crew members sustained injuries. Our team in Newark is reviewing the event."

Passenger were given hotel accommodation and rebooked on another flight to continue their Beijing-bound journey on Friday.

Back in October, one passenger was taken to hospital and seven others injured as a United Airlines flight from New York hit severe turbulence during landing at Dublin Airport.

Flight UA23 from New York to Dublin was carrying 129 passengers and eight crew members on its Boeing 757.

It managed to land safely, but some passengers reportedly sustained injuries due to a drop in altitude when turbulence hit.

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