Driver jailed for five years for killing mother-to-be

Police tape across an open door

Calvin Connah, 22, of Leeswood, near Mold, has been jailed for five years after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving following an incident that saw him crash his father's high-powered BMW 318i head-on into an expectant mother.
Christina Barchetti, who was 35 weeks pregnant, died along with her unborn daughter when the BMW collided with her vehicle as she drove along the A541, at Pontblyddyn, near Mold.

The smash was so forceful it rammed Ms Barchetti's vehicle through a wall and into nearby woodland.

The jury at the three-day trial at Mold Crown Court heard how Connah was witnessed driving dangerously at speeds of up to 90mph on a 70mph road prior to the smash and suddenly hit the brakes while overtaking another car at the end of a dual carriageway, just before it narrowed to a single, 50mph lane.

Connah denied speeding and claimed that he had lost control on the stretch of road because it had been raining.

Graham Clarke, boyfriend of Christina Barchetti, spoke to The Daily Mail about his suffering, saying: "We had talked about getting married. I knew she was the one.

"But seeing her in hospital with Bella next to her after they had gone was heartbreaking.

"It felt unreal, like a bad dream. Bella looked just perfect and I was able to hold her in my arms and cuddle her, but never bring her home.

"He's [Connah] taken two lives and he'll serve just two and a half years. For us, no sentence will ever be enough. He has given us a life sentence.

"The pain of losing Christina and baby Bella will always be with us, the devastation this person has caused is unbearable."

The Daily Mirror has revealed that Mr Clarke intends to lobby parliament in an attempt to toughen up the rules surrounding unborn victims in road traffic accidents.

"We are working with our local MP to get the law changed over stillborn deaths.

"This person was only charged with one death, that of Christina.

"He was not charged with the death of baby Bella even though she was born by Caesarean section and we held her in our arms.

"She did not have a chance to take one breath in the outside world. Her death did not seem to count."
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