Chinese millionaire still works as street sweeper


Chinese millionaire who still works as a street sweeper

Yu Youzhen, a 50-year old from the city of Wuhan in China, is worth more than 10 million yuan (£1 million), but refuses to give up her job as a street sweeper. She said she doesn't want to get lazy or set a bad example to her children.

And she's not the only millionaire who kept the day job.

The Daily Mail reported that Youzhen's fortune started to change when she and her husband got the money together to build a house. Over time she has built up a portfolio of 17 properties worth £1 million, and makes great money from the rents.

However, according to the Daily Mirror, she still gets up 3am six days a week to sweep the streets in return for just £140 a month. In her 14 years of work for the same employer she has never been late and only missed two days of work - to attend the funerals of her mother-in-law and her father.

The newspapers reported that her good example has paid off and that both of her children are in work.

Not alone

And she's not the only multimillionaire to decide to keep her day job. It's only natural for many of the self-made millionaires to keep building the business that has made them the money, as the passion for the work keeps famous entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Theo Paphitis at their desks.

It's also something that some lottery-winners choose to do in order to keep their feet on the ground - or because they are aware that the money won't last forever. We reported in October that Grandmother Jean Swatman from Lowestoft in Suffolk, has said she won't quit her job making doughnuts for Morrisons, despite winning £2 million on the National Lottery

Luke Pittard from Wales, meanwhile won £1.3 million in 2006, but after buying a house, taking a holiday and getting married, he decided he'd had enough, so returned to work as a trainer for McDonalds - just a few weeks later.

And Tyrone Curry won over $3.4 million dollars in the Washington State Lottery in 2008 and still works as a school janitor during the day and a coach for the school athletics team after hours. He paid for a new track for the school too.

What do lottery winners spend their money on?

There are also the offspring of the rich and famous who are determined to make their own mark rather than riding their parents' coat-tails. Among the biggest names is Stella McCartney - who could easily be living off her father Sir Paul's fortune. Then there's Dylan Lauren (the daughter of Ralph, who owns the biggest sweet shop in the world), Peter Buffett (the son of Warren who is s successful musician and choreographer), and Lisa Brennan-Jobs (the daughter of Steve Jobs who is a writer and journalist).

But what do you think? If you had £1 million, would you keep the day job?

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