Adelaide declared the hottest city on earth as heatwave continues

Heat Wave Hits South Australia

Adelaide, Australia, has been declared the hottest city on earth as temperatures reached 46C this week - its fourth consecutive day above 40C.

The deadly heatwave affecting South Australia has triggered more than 100 bush fires and killed at least one person and hospitalised more than 70.

In an attempt to help people cool down, large fans with water mist sprayers have been set up at a shopping mall, and the city's central bus station, which is air conditioned, has been opened up for people to sleep in. Night time temperatures have still been above 35C.

The council is advising people to avoid going out in the heat and to use air conditioning and fans if possible.

The city of Melbourne is on course to have four days above 40C - the first time in more than 100 years.

Weather forecasters say that although temperatures may cool slightly in the next few days, they are unlikely to go below 40C.

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