Toyota reveals jaw-dropping FT-1 concept in Detroit

Toyota dropped the silk sheets on arguably one of the most attractive cars of this year's Detroit motor show yesterday.
The FT-1 concept provides an insight into what an upcoming Supra model may look like should the affordable sports car get the green light from company executives.

Toyota's California-based Calty design studio was tasked with creating a car that is "strikingly modern, yet which makes reference to Toyota's rich sports car history, going back to the 2000GT of the mid-1960s," said a Toyota spokesperson.

The result is a vehicle that boasts a muscular road presence yet is pleasing to the eye thanks to swooping lines and smooth aerodynamic qualities at the front and the rear.

"The exterior captures the look of racecar with a curvilinear form, pronounced front wings and sharply defined contrasts that express powerful performance," said a Toyota spokesperson.

Engine specifications and performance figures are yet to be revealed but we do know the concept uses a front engine/rear-wheel-drive set-up, which bodes well for a suitably sporty drive should it ever go into production.

Inside, the cabin has been created to "help the driver derive the maximum reward from the driving experience." That means car data is displayed on a digital 'zone' that wraps itself around the driver. A Formula-1 inspired steering wheel will also display key information.

Rumours suggest that this concept could heavily influence an upcoming Supra model as it utilises a naming convention that has spawned road-going cars in the past.

The FT in FT-1 stands for 'Future Toyota', a naming convention that was previously used in the FT-86, a concept that went on to heavily influence the road-going GT-86.

Toyota FT-1 Concept
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Toyota reveals jaw-dropping FT-1 concept in Detroit
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