Norfolk seaside caravan park is 'birthplace of UK civilisation'

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A 15-a-night caravan park in Norfolk stands on the birthplace of UK civilisation, scientists have revealed.

The Manor Caravan Park in Happisburgh is believed to be where early man created the first settlement one million years ago.

According to The Sunday Times, stone tools and fossilised animal remains have been found at the site and scientists say these are the oldest discovered in the UK.

Speaking to The Sun, researcher Professor Chris Stringer said: "Happisburgh could be the first place where humans settled in Britain.

"We think the site where they lived was on the Thames, which at the time flowed out into the North Sea at that point."

The first Britons travelled on foot from mainland Europe to the UK across a land bridge.

Deadly wildlife they would have encountered includes sabre-toothed cats and mammoths.

Temperatures would have also been colder than today, the Daily Mail reports.

Details of the discovery will feature in a Natural History Exhibition in London called Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story in February.

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