Crime writer has Porsche torched in arson attack reminiscent of one of his books (01202 558833) Pic: RichardCrease/BNPS  ***Please use full byline***  Eloise Towning with her parents' destroyed cars.  Crime novelist Andrew Towning fears life is imitating art after an arsonist torched his Porsche car in a copycat attack of one of his storylines.  The best-selling author believes the offender was inspired to set fire to his £18,000 Porsche Carrera after reading one of his Jake Dillon crime-thriller novels.  The blaze caused a small explosion and sent flames 10ft into the air.  In his 2010 book 'Shroud of Concealment', the lead character has his own Porsche 911 car blown up in the street after being targeted by a underworld crime gang.  Now Mr Towning fears he has been singled out by one of his readers following the attack at his home in Merley, near Wimborne, Dorset.

Crime writer Andrew Towning, who famously penned the novels Constantine Legacy and Shroud of Concealment, has experienced an arson attack similar to one of his storylines.
Mr Towning believes that the offender torched his Porsche Carrera, which was parked outside his Dorset home, after reading one of his books.

In the 2010 novel Shroud of Concealment, lead character Jake Dillon experiences a similar attack when criminals from an underworld gang torch his Porsche 911.

Now, Mr Towning feels that he has been singled out by one of his readers as the unfortunate situation bears an uncanny resemblance to the storyline.

The writer took to his Facebook page, saying: "Some of you may know that myself and my family were subject to an horrific arson attack.

"In terms of the attack it bears uncanny resemblance to some of the incidents in my Dillon crime thrillers.

"In terms of my real life, it is shocking, however the police are following up numerous leads, and are confident that they will find those responsible imminently.

"I will not allow this to intrude upon my family life or the Dillon series."

He added: "I'm gutted, absolutely gutted that someone had the malicious nature to do it. I worked very hard to get that car and it is a car I would have kept forever."

Mr Towning's daughter Eloise, pictured above, had petrol poured over her Audi TT that was parked in the driveway.

The explosion also badly damaged Mrs Towning's Mini Cooper.

Police are currently investigating the incident and are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.
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