Which new budget tablet has been marked as a Which? Don't Buy?

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Which? has trashed Argos' £99 MyTablet as a Don't Buy, warning on a rubbish battery life and a rotten screen. Knocked out by electronics maker Bush for Argos (Bush is controlled by Argos owner Home Retail Group) Which? says the MyTablet is "a terrible tablet not worth your money?"

Despite the Which? verdict, there's an even worse tablet lurking under this Argos effort. %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Slow to react

Which? says the Argos MyTablet touchscreen "was found to be extremely slow to react when tapped." The display was rubbished too "with colours appearing especially drab during video playback."

An anaemic 1.2 GHz processor was described by Which? as "one of the slowest currently available of any modern tablet" while the battery was found to have a life of just over three hours – "not even enough to watch The Lord of the Rings on, and some 7 hours less than the Tesco Hudl."

Argos however told AOL Money it still believes its MyTablet represents excellent value for money. "However we take on board customer feedback on an ongoing basis to inform future product developments."

Though the Argos tablet is judged terrible by Which? there's one that's worse - the truly awful £89.95 Arnova 10d G3. "It flexes and creaks when you use it," says Which.

"It's sluggish and sometimes crashes when running apps. The battery life is extremely short lived. With less than 4GB of storage available, this is a useless device that you'd be wise to avoid."

Hudl closer

You get what you pay for, of course. At the other end of the scale, the Which? team are all over the far pricier £400 iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. But for a more realistic cheapo comparison, look at Tesco's £119 Hudl. Tesco has flogged more than 400,000 of them since launch.

Tesco is now working on Hudl 2, for release later this year, according to PC Advisor. If you're not tempted by a Hudl, then you could look at the £150 Acer Iconia at John Lewis. Above this you're getting into £199 Nexus 7 territory.


It may surprise some that Bush electronics, owned by Argos, is still around. The Bush brand, once a respected British radio maker in the 1950s, got married off to Murphy Radio while part of the Rank empire. A troubled dalliance with Toshiba followed; its quality glory day were well behind it now.

Then another British brand throwback, Alba, bought Bush in 1988 before snapping up another low-end UK electronics maker, Goodmans. Then, both Alba and Bush were snapped up themselves by Argos parent Home Retail Group in 2008.
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