London airport car parks are the 'world's most expensive'

Airports Commission to report

New figures revealed today suggest that parking fees at London airports are the most expensive in the world.
Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, tops the league tables with a £12 peak-time charge for staying between one and two hours at Terminal Four.

Following in close second, third and fourth place are the capital's other main airports, with a two-hour stay costing a whopping £10 at Gatwick and Stansted, and £11 at Luton.

The parking charges appear even more extortionate when you compare them to some of the busiest hubs across the globe. Short-term parking at New York's JFK airport – that boasts twice the amount of runways as Heathrow – costs just £5.50.

Passengers at popular Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris will typically pay just £6.60 to park, almost half the price of the much smaller Luton airport in the UK.

The only other major international airport that gets close to the sky-high charges of the London ports is Sydney, where a stay of one to two hours will cost £11.

It has emerged that airports in Greece are amongst the cheapest in the world to park, with a short stay at Athens International costing just £5.40 for two hours, which is cheaper than some central London shopping centres.

Paul Watters, head of roads and transport policy at the AA, told the Mirror: "Drivers will feel they are being fleeced. They don't want the stress of big parking charges when they are worrying about getting people to the airport on time."

The results come just after bosses at Heathrow airport announced major parking price hikes in an attempt to 'ease traffic problems around Terminal Four'.

The huge hikes also saw the cost of a 24-hour stay at the airport rise to £53.90.
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