Bosch reveals new app that takes the stress out of parking in tight spaces

German electronics and engineering manufacturer Bosch has unveiled new technology that aims to make parking in tight spaces a bit easier.
The cutting-edge tech was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week and sees ultrasonic sensors fitted to a vehicle so it can hunt out a parking space and automatically slot into it.

A total of 12 ultrasonic sensors are fitted to a vehicle, as well as state-of-the-art computer technology that taps into the steering and throttle inputs in order to autonomously take over driving controls.

When activated, the sensors hunt down a parking space and measure it up for suitability. When a spot is found, the driver can either sit back and relax or hop out of the vehicle, pull out his or her smartphone and activate a special app that remotely parks the car.

If the motorist takes his or her finger off the phone's screen, the car stops.

Bosch says the technology will be available next year as the German firm is already in talks with a number of automotive manufacturers to pre-install the system so it is ready for the customer at showroom level.

Fred Sejalon, engineering manager at Bosch, said: "This is good for everybody, especially for parking in a traffic situation or anybody who doesn't feel comfortable parallel or perpendicular parking, especially when the visibility is limited.

"There is a lot of hype about autonomous driving and that is a stepping stone in that direction."

Watch the video below in which Fred Sejalon talks more about the innovative system.

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