British tourist killed in snowmobile accident in Canada

A British woman on holiday in Quebec has died following a snowmobile crash.

Charlotte Mei Ling Lee, 31, was in Canada with her boyfriend Domynique Tamaire and his family when the crash happened last Saturday.

According to the BBC, Ms Lee's family had been at her bedside while she was on a life support machine during the "truly terrible week".

The Daily Mirror reports that her boyfriend was also injured when the snowmobile crashed into a tree and his injuries were described as serious but not life-threatening.

A spokesman for the Quebec Provincial Police told the Bristol Post: "A young woman from the UK was involved in an accident, in which a snowmobile was driven into a tree.

"It appears she was driving along a trail and lost control of the machine. Maybe she did a bad manoeuvre.

"The snowmobile had been rented and there is some evidence that she did not have a lot of experience when it came to driving the machine.

"She suffered major head injuries and the man who was with her also suffered serious, but not life-threatening, injuries."

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