Tulisa's Hertfordshire home for a year is up for sale for £4.5m

Tuisa's house

Zoopla has spotted that a luxury mansion in Hertfordshire, which has been home to singer Tulisa for the past year, is up for sale. The property costs £4.5 million, and features five bedrooms, an indoor pool, a gym, and a cinema room.

So will the celebrity link add any value to the property? And does it appeal to you?%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

The house

Edge House in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, is a fairly impressive home in its own right. It has a secure gated entrance, and a sweeping drive up to an imposing Georgian-style house with neo-classical columns and landscaped gardens.

Inside, most of the house has been torn down and rebuilt (leaving just the facade). It means the property now features modern, spacious rooms, a gleaming kitchen (complete with enormous American refrigerator), and a large indoor pool.

The estate agent adds that it is in an area that is: "widely regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in Hertfordshire."


However, the jury is out on whether Tulisa's brief ownership has added anything to the value of the property.

Certainly the valuation would seem to indicate that it is being sold at the going rate for the area. It sold for £1.9 million in 2008, and applying Zoopla's formula for price gains in the area, it makes it worth £4.57 million. It looks like it's actually being sold at a bit of a discount.

Tulisa may simply not be the kind of star who appeals to the kind of buyer with the money and the inclination to spend £4.5 million on a mansion in Hertfordshire. Aside from her current court appearance, it could be said that NDubz fans who watched the 25-year-old singer on X-Factor are broadly speaking more likely to be a little younger and less affluent than the target market.

Even for the odd die-hard Tulisa fan with a few spare million, the fact that she put the house on the market after just 11 months in the property, that she didn't redecorate any of it to her taste, and is no longer thought to be living there, may take the shine off.

But what do you think? Would this sort of celebrity connection draw you to a house or put you off?

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Tulisa's Hertfordshire home for a year is up for sale for £4.5m

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