Hard-hitting New Zealand anti-speeding advert gets to the point

The New Zealand Transport Agency has released a powerful and moving new advert in an attempt to combat the number of speeding-related deaths that blight the country every year.
For a county with a population of just 4.4 million people, it suffers from a disproportionately high number of deaths and injuries on the road due to speeding.

In fact, 83 people were killed last year and a further 408 were injured in accidents that were directly attributed to excessive speed.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has stepped in and created the advert below that uses powerful, hard-hitting tactics to ram home the ramifications of speeding on public roads.

"Most road users recognise the risks of driving at speed and support police enforcement of the speed limit," said a spokesperson for the New Zealand Transport Agency.

"But these statistics show that drivers don't always practice this when driving: speed is still a contributing factor in 20 per cent of all fatal and serious injury crashes on New Zealand roads."

Take a look at the video below, it will certainly have you thinking about your speed in the future.

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