Toy Story star sparks outrage after posing with dead lion on African hunting holiday

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The star of the Toy Story and Full Metal Jacket films R.Lee Ermey has been criticised for posting photos of a lion and lioness that he allegedly killed during an African hunting holiday on his Facebook page.

The 69-year-old actor and voice of toy soldier Sarge in Toy Story was branded "cowardly" by animal rights group PETA.

In the pictures, Ermey is seen posing with the carcasses while holding a rifle.

According to the Daily Mirror, Ermey also claimed he killed a "Cape Buffalo, lion, lioness and ­wildebeest" on past trips to Africa.

A spokesperson for PETA told International Business Times UK: "It takes no courage or character to stalk and kill animals.

"In their natural Savannah homelands, lions live in families, roaming miles of territory, dutifully and responsibly raising their young and, as best they can, avoiding all contact with humans.

"But on hunting ranches, they can be easily cornered and cannot escape. They are treated as living targets for the arrogant and the ignorant with more money than morals."

It is unclear exactly when or where the photos were taken but they have been removed from Ermey's Facebook page.

In November, an American TV presenter sparked outrage when she shared a photo of herself with a lion that she apparently shot dead on a hunting trip to South Africa.

Melissa Bachman posted the picture on her Facebook page and received over 1,440 'Likes' for the 'trophy' snap.

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