Minister's wife's website plugged on DWP Facebook page

Gove speech trade union influence

%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%Unemployed Britons who visit the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Facebook page are being urged to "dress for success" if they want to find a job.

And the place they are being advised to go for tips on looking good in interviews is the Get the Gloss website confounded by Education Secretary Michael Gove's wife Sarah Vine.

According to the Mirror newspaper, the plug includes a link to Get the Gloss - a website that markets products such as Creme de la Mer serum at £230 and Gypsy Water perfume at £130 - as well as some words of advice from its beauty expert Judy Johnson.

"The first impression you make with a potential employer is the most important one," Johnson told readers.

"Make sure your eyes look perky so you don't look all sleepy – people will hire you more if you look awake! (A good night's sleep usually helps or a good under eye concealer)."

The DWP Facebook page also includes tips on writing a CV, as well as a list of top websites to visit when looking for a new job.

But the DWP has denied promoting any websites, including Get the Gloss, while Gove's spokesman claims he and his wife knew nothing about the link until the story broke.

The discovery of the beauty website link to Gove nevertheless looks set to create further problems for the unpopular minister, who only recently caused a storm by calling the hit series Blackadder a "left-wing" whitewash of British pride in World War One.

It could also spell further trouble for the DWP, which came under fire just before Christmas for failing to get benefit payments to thousands of jobseekers and pensioners by December 24.

Labour MP Teresa Pearce has already hit out at the DWP for "patronising" people on jobseeker's allowance of £71.70 a week by advising them to visit a website offering such high-value beauty products.

"The reason so many people are unemployed is the lack of available work and not because they need pricey beauty products," she said. "Having 'perky' eyes won't change that."
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