Huge cocaine haul for Aldi store

Supermarket delivery stock

Aldi workers have uncovered several parcels of cocaine - about 140kg worth secreted in Aldi banana crates - with a street value as much as €12m. It's the second largest drugs find in the city of Berlin for almost 20 years - and a lot to like for the police.

The supply chain arrangements with a budget supermarket better known for selling tinned fish will be problematic for someone somewhere. %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%


The cocaine haul, some of it is thought to be up to 90% purity, coming via Hamburg from Colombia, but was somehow re-routed to two Aldi stores. "We think," an unnamed criminal investigator told Berlin's BZ tabloid, "that it was intended for export as 140 kilos in one go is too much for the Berlin market."

The drug cache may have been heading for Eastern Europe. In 2011, investigators found a cross-border PVC pipe drug tunnel running from a disused supermarket - an attempt to carry drugs from the US to Mexico through a pipe measuring just four inches across.

Other unexpected grocery finds include super-venomous Brazilian Wandering spiders crawling through supermarket bananas. Last November Consi Taylor found the hatching deadly spiders on her dining room table following a visit, she said, from Sainsbury's.

£10 voucher compensation

The supermarket initially offered her just a £10 voucher in compensation, the Mail reported. However Taylor sent snaps of the spiders - whose venom can lead to potential asphyxiation - to a pest control company and was told she and her family had to immediately evacuate the South West London family home.

Sainsbury's had to cough up more than £1,000 for the evacuation bill, including dry-cleaning of clothes.

Despite the Berlin drugs blip, both Aldi and Lidl recorded strong Christmas trading, putting more pressure on the likes of mainstream players like Tesco, Morrisons and Asda. Aldi hasn't revealed sales figures yet but claimed the Christmas of 2013 was its best ever. Lidl echoed Aldi's bullish tone.

This morning Sainsbury's revealed its 36th consecutive quarter of like-for-like growth. For the 14 weeks to 4 January, like-for-like sales, excluding fuel climbed 0.2%.
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