Hearse carrying coffin attempts to visit KFC drive-through

Twitter was awash with speculation on Tuesday when one user shared an image that apparently shows a coffin-laden hearse attempting to squeeze through the tight bollards of a KFC drive-through.
According to Twitter user Craig Davis, the image of the hearse is genuine and the vehicle was "too wide for the posts so they parked up and went into Starbucks instead."

Fellow social media users soon jumped on the post and began circulating it around the web, including the hashtag attached to the image "#itswhathewouldhavewanted".

Some have questioned whether the snap is real but Mr Davies maintains it is genuine, stating that the event took place at "Cardiff Gate" and that there were "plenty of onlookers" to back up his story.

We doubt that the relatives of the individual involved will see the funny side of the story but fellow Twitter users took to the website in their droves to post witty comments.

Little else is known about the event and the funeral directors in question have yet to be named.
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