Aggressive policeman threatens car accident photographer

police tape

Police chiefs have condemned the actions of a Gloucestershire traffic officer after a video emerged online of him threatening a photographer.
Power-tripping Sergeant Tony Wallace was surreptitiously filmed by the unidentified man after he had his camera confiscated while trying to take pictures at the location of a former crime scene.

In the footage, the officer can clearly be heard threatening to make the photographer's day a "living hell" before repeatedly swearing and saying "you're lucky I didn't knock you out".

The man had been trying to take pictures on a street in Churchdown, Gloucester, following a fatal collision involving a car and an elderly pedestrian at a crossing, when two officers accosted him.

The snapper, who wanted to submit the pictures to a local newspaper, was left shaken by the encounter.

"I did capture the licence plate of the vehicle, however it would not have been shown in publication," he told the BBC.

"I understand why a police officer might approach me regarding this, but he handled it very poorly."

Gloucestershire Police have since confirmed that Sergeant Wallace is facing disciplinary proceedings, but has not been suspended and remains on front-line duty.

Police guidelines state that officers need to co-operate with both the media and amateur photographers and cannot seize camera equipment unless they suspect it contains evidence of a crime.

Click play below to watch footage of the photographer's altercation with the over-zealous officer.

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